Solarpunk and Digital Media in Theatre | Portugal 2024

Digital Campus

This Digital Campus will take place at Teatro O Bando in Palmela, Portugal. PlayOn! again invites 2 students from each partner university to this three-day hackathon. Each theatre can send an additional person for the presentation of the results of the Digital Campus (on Saturday, 16 March).

Whereas the previous Digital Campus in Krakow was at the new building of Teatr Ludowy, this time it will be hosted in the natural surroundings of Teatro O Bando. But we will once again be researching into Concrete Utopias in Digital Age. Solarpunk and Digital Media in Theatre will be the focus of the Digital Campus 2024, which will be led by Julian Jungel in cooperation with Ben Kirman.

Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art and activism that envisions a future shaped by environmental sustainability. It emphasizes harmony with nature, renewable energy and community-driven solutions to ecological and social challenges. Characterized by optimism Solarpunk imagines a world where humanity thrives in balance with the planet. By integrating the principles and aesthetics of Solarpunk into their use of digital media, theatre can not only enhance the visual and experiential aspects but also promote a message of sustainability and hope for the future.

Accordingly, during the days in Palmela, the students‘ work can focus on Innovative Stage Design and Environmental Storytelling. But Community Engagement with Interactive Experiences and Virtual Performances could also be of interest to the participants of the Digital Campus.
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