based on the original play by Esther Richardson, Cecilie Lundsholt, and Richard Hurford
written by Attila Eck and György Vidovszky

The so-called “detective game” built on digital interaction is a one-of-a-kind enterprise in the Hungarian theatre scene: the spectators themselves shape the storyline with the help of a mobile phone application, thus influencing the plot by way of their votes throughout the entire play. This makes them feel real, active participants of the show instead of passive viewers.

“The girl is in danger, hiding at the same time from her hotshot mother and a mysterious human rights activist. She feels that she cannot trust anybody and that every step she takes is monitored; therefore, she decides to take control and gets hold of all technical devices possible to watch over her chasers. Her partner in crime is an ordinary pizza delivery guy, who – together with the audience – tries to help her. The odds are high: are we to choose security or freedom, control or a future full of hazards? Shall the girl become a heroine or a traitor?” – the question is raised.

A coproduction of Kolibri Theatre (Hungary), University of York (UK) and Teatr Ludowy (Poland).


Emma – Krisztina Nyirkó

Bernadett – Bea Tisza

Vero17 – Gábor Krausz

Pizza Guy – Dániel Nizsai


Design, costume | Patricia Pajor, Anett Herman

Software development | Ben Kirman (UK)

Webdesign I Nándor Gidró

Music | András Monori

Technical manager | István Farkas

Admin –  Balázs Fekete / Bálint Keszte

Video | Gergő Bárdi, Kinga Albert

Video clips I Attila Krausz, Ab Ovo Stúdió

Pedagogical expert | Eszter Gyevi-Bíró

Assistant director | Andrea Hajsz

Director | György Vidovszky
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10122 TallinnEstland

Mail address: Endla 3, 10122 Tallinn

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