based on the original play by Esther Richardson and Cecilie Lundsholt
written by Attila Eck and György Vidovszky
A darkened room full of desktop comouters. Each screen is turned on and the wrods "I see you" are visible in green.

The original story is set in an empty school where a Mother is looking for her daughter, Emma who has stolen a pen-drive with important information from her. The audience members are split into two groups: one goes with the Mother, the other one with the caretaker of the building who – as it turns out later – massively involved in Emma’s disappearance.  During the course of the show Emma communicates with the audience members by sending video messages.

In our version of Traitor the audience members arrive in the theatre venue that looks more like a game spot. Everyone has a mobile phone set up with an app (using Reaktion.Link) in front of them, through that can they interact with the story like making choices for some of the characters, looking around in different locations, and help to make the final decision for the main character Emma.

The rehearsals start on the 30th of April, the preview will be on the 4th of June. We plan to have our premier early September.


Emma – Krisztina Nyirkó

Bernadett – Bea Tisza

Vero17 – Gábor Krausz

Pizza Guy – Dániel Nizsai


Design | Patricia Pajor, Anett Herman

Software development | Ben Kirman

Technical manager | István Farkas

Music | András Monori

Video | Kinga Albert

Pedagogical expert | Eszter Gyevi-Bíró

Assistant director | Andrea Hajsz

Director | György Vidovszky

Contact us
VAT Teater MTÜ
National Library Theatre Hall
Tõnismägi 2 (location)
10122 TallinnEstland

Mail address: Endla 3, 10122 Tallinn

VAT No. EE 100 744 512
(+372) 6 450 959
(+372) 6 307 272
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