Nómadas (Nomads)


“Swing, move, move! Only then can you escape it. He who rules the world has no power over movement and knows that our body in motion is sacred. (…) It only exercises power over what is immobile and immobilized, over what is passive and inert. ” Flights by Olga Tokarczuk.

The story is called Bieguni and is based on a book called Flights by Olga Tokarczuk.

The story’s name, Bieguni, designates a sect of ancient Orthodox believers who treated the movement in a sacred manner. To be in constant movement and to cross borders meant for them not to cling to anything and to escape the evil that tries to deprive us of freedom.

It tells the life of a woman (Annuszka) who lives on the outskirts of Moscow, enmeshed in a common and vulgar life. In this day-to-day life that is always the same, fast-paced, she often comes across an indigent woman, homeless (Galina).

They get acquainted and the first woman (Annuska) decides to spend the whole day riding the subway and never returns home.

Day after day, Annuszka travels all the lines of the Moscow metro and at night she meets with Galina, buys her food, talks about freedom and movement.

We imagine a show about immobility and not being able to stop.

About the darkness. About the greatest defense we have against the clutches of the power that wants to hold us back: never stop thinking, always moving inside.

None of this has to do with the speed of everyday life. We imagine a hibrid place where audience and the actress (the 2 women) could be together. A space where the movement of the audience could directly influence the narrative.

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