project and direction Ivonne Capece

Direction and Dramaturgy: Ivonne Capece

Cast (on stage) Maria Laura Palmeri (video): Lara Di Bello, Giuditta Mingucci

Scenes, costumes, assistant director: Micol Vighi

Light design, Post Production Video: Cristina Spelti

Video shooting: Lorenzo Salucci

Sound designer: Simone Arganini

Technician: Angelo Generali

The story is a cult: a natural science student decides to create a human being. He studies, kills animals, retrieves anatomical parts from corpses. The experiment is an unexpected success: the Creature is born, beautiful and strong. Its creator, however, despairs. He is afraid of it. Why? This is the real mystery of the novel: why does Frankenstein react the way he does, why is he not proud of his work? We discover that the author, Mary Godwin Shelley, is not entirely comfortable with it either. Throughout her life she denies and downplays the literary scope of her work.

The play is an original reversal of the way we look at Mary Shelley’s work and her disturbing creation.

This production tells of a time when being a woman and an artist could be a serious problem, when one could feel ‚monstrous‘ if one gave birth to books instead of children or if one cohabited with a man instead of marrying him. It tells of a time when a female Creator fears the genius of her Creature and is forced to justify the magnitude of her ambitions.

Between wireless headsets, virtual settings, real actors and holographic avatars, the show is a dreamlike journey into the novel and, at the same time, into the lived experience of its author who confuses herself with Dr.Frankenstein, the Creature with the Work and the characters with memories.

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