1984: Ministry of Love

A hand holding a mobile phone in a darkened auditorium. On the screen are three text options offering the audience member a chance to choose how the narrative progresses.

In the 1984: Ministry of Love you will become a part of the jury who will pass judgement on the accused. You will get access to the unique mobile application and court files. Pressing button change somebody’s life. Are you ready to take the responsibility for these people? Are you in this game? The performance, whose starting point is the famous novel by George Orwell, 1984, will be an interactive game with the viewer, who will be at the Ministry of Love when they enter the Ludowy Theatre. The audience and the actors will become active participants in a dystopia which, thanks to the support of new technologies, will allow them to penetrate the plot and influence its course. During the performance, the Ludowy Theatre becomes the Ministry of Love. The audience, as a judging body, will be able to decide, along with the course of the interrogation, which of the four perspectives of the story they want to see. In the relationship of individuality with the community, they will democratically vote on whom to grant or whom to take away the right to vote. 1984: The Ministry of Love asks what the power of the people becomes in the oppressive situation of invasion of someone’s memory.
The immersive technology helps connect the audience with the stage, dramaturgical ideas and text composition which includes interrogation and introspection. Immersive technology greatly influences the design of the user experience.

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