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Marketing ManagerAnikó Rupp

Anikó has been working in the Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth as a press and PR officer since 2015, added to which she took on the responsibilities of international coordinator in 2018. She graduated in English Language and Literature and Cultural Anthropology from Eötvös Loránd University’s (ELTE) Faculty of Arts, where she also completed a Ph.D. Program in Modern English Literature. She has been a translator and editor of books and specialized texts since 1993; she worked as an executive assistant on international film productions, as well as a university lecturer and researcher of South American Indian cultures.

Game ExpertCsaba Királyházi

Csaba is creative director at Overon Ltd. Budapest, where he works on B2B Virtual Reality experiences and VR computer games. He was responsible for several business related VR application production which used the interactive storytelling techniques in the subject of gamification. As writer, he has numerous short stories published and also there is some rather popular comic strip series from him available in the internet.
Csaba has some connection with theater as he wrote and directed some stage plays including two plays in the famous world of The Lord Of The Rings as a founding member of the Hungarian Tolkien Society. As a computer game creator and half theater man, Csaba is interested in the interactive storytelling techniques using in stage plays.

Project ManagerFanni Szántó

Fanni is a literature teacher and theatre-historian from Budapest, Hungary. During university I have spent almost a year in Jerusalem, Israel, working for an English-speaking theatre company. I graduated in 2011 and worked for a cultural institute between 2011-2014. After being the international relations representative of Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth between 2014-2016, I have taken the same role again from February 2020. I’m also the secretary of the Hungarian ASSITEJ Centre.

DirectorGyörgy Vidovszky (Vido)

György is a theatre director and drama pedagogue from Budapest, Hungary, working as principal director in Kolibri Theatre, the leading theatre for children and youth in Hungary. I divide my life between Dublin and Budapest, since my family is living in Ireland, and I am a PhD student at Dublin City University.

I have worked as a drama- and film-teacher for seventeen years in Budapest. Since 2001 I have directed nearly 50 professional productions, mainly for young audiences, in Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, and Ireland.

I have been a Board member of the Hungarian Centre of ASSITEJ since 2010. I am part of the organising team of our national ASSITEJ festival and representing Hungary in various international events, like the ASSITEJ World Congresses and Artistic Gatherings.

Black and white headshot fo Janos Novak

János Novák

János Novák is a cellist, composer, and the executive director of Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth since 1992. He produced his most well-known fairy tale play, Auntie Pepper in 1981. Since then, he has directed 45 performances for children and adults. As a composer he has worked in more than 50 productions, including theatre performances and movies as well. Since 2000, he is the president of the Hungarian ASSITEJ Centre.

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