Humanity Project

working title

Premiere: January 2023 

Concept by Helen Rekkor, Mihkel Seeder, Sander Põldsaar, Villem Rootalu

Director: Helen Rekkor

Dramaturg: Mihkel Seeder

Visual artist: Sander Põldsaar

Composer: Villem Rootalu

Programmer: Helena Väinmaa

Sometime in the 21st century the constant storms, droughts, forest fires, pandemics and relentlessly consistent avalanche of bad political decisions have led the planet to become uninhabitable for the humans.

But there’s hope… A new technology. A self-functioning ecosystem, a bubble, a vivarium. Scientists have estimated, that if most of the human population would seal itself into those bubbles for just 25 years, the planet would regenerate it´s resources with an amazing pace. That sound like a miracle! And even better – this technology has become affordab for many… well, not for Estonia though. Estonian government manages to buy just four of those bubbles to preserve the Estonian kin. But the government isn´t going to take the responsibility of deciding how to divide Estonians into four bubbles so that after 25 years there will still be anybody left to come out again.

This is the moment, when the good audience steps up to help us out!

“Humanity Project” is facilitated by four actors and uses elements of participation and labyrinth theatre and various technologies (movement-tracking technology and an app, that helps the participants to make decisions and also creates groups out of that data.) to let the audience divide themselves into four groups according their values, preferences and logic. As the games and tasks get gradually more serious along the way and participants have more freedom and responsibility, they start to ask themselves more and more, do the algorithm-created profiles really represent them and how much can an individual modify itself to benefit the group and visa versa?

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