Productions Based on Immersive Technologies

Pinocchio A.I


Director and conception Susanne Schwab

Collaboration Conception Christine Härter

Room and Costumes Karin Waltenberger

Dramaturgy Nele Neitzke, Christine Härter

Prof. G. Petto works on creating an artificial intelligence with personality called PIN (Personality Intelligence Network). To achieve this, she needs the audience’s help. Getting up, writing a math test, interacting with friends – how does personality dictate daily actions? How to avoid having a mental breakdown on the way to school already?  In our new online game, the audience makes decisions for PIN and creates with their decisions a personality – one version of PIN.

Using the mechanics of a branching narrative, Pinocchio A.I. is a play between game and theatre, society and individuality.

Creative Team

With Sofie Pint and (video:) the 5th class of ROSE evangelisches ORG, Isabella Campestrini, Friedrich Eidenberger, Alexander Köfner, Sofie Pint



Premiere  29th April, 2023 | “Circus of Knowledge” (Zirkus des Wissens)

Director Nele Neitzke

Stage and Costumes kunstuniversität linz as part of the course Stage Design with Stefan Brandtmayr

Visuals Nils Gallist, Manuel Lattner, Masterstudents of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Dramaturgy Elias Lehner, Martin Schönbauer with Isabella Campestrini

Alex must have missed the time. There’s no other explanation for why he doesn’t show up for the performance – he’s usually so reliable. Waiting for him isn’t an option, after all the audience is already there. So what to do? Without further ado, the props assistant helps out to pass the time until Alex arrives. But when he finally gets in touch with her, things turn out very differently, because Alex seems to be in trouble. To make things right, audience and theater people must work together and answer time-related questions to keep Alex out of trouble.

Together with the Circus of Knowledge at the Johannes Kepler University, students from the Linz University of Art and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the department for young audiences of the Landestheater Linz has created a story in which questions about time are answered in a playful and researching manner.



Cooperation between Landestheater Linz and SCHÄXPIR

Director: Simon Windisch

Concept and game design: Leonie Bramberger, Moritz Ostanek, Simon Windisch

Production management: Nora Köhler

Production assistance: Marlen Weingartmann

Stage and costumes: Andrea Meschik

Hardware, audio- & networktechnology: Max Ederer, Stefan Bauer, Thomas Baumgartner

Software development: Michael Faschinger

Music: Robert Lepenik

Actor coaching: Viktoria Fux

Audio recording: Thomas Grassegger

Inner voice: Nora Winkler

Dramaturgy: Christine Härter, Nele Neitzke 

With Isabella Campestrini, Alexander Köfner, Nora Winkler, ca. 18 Upper Austrians between 15 and 115 years of age

Imagine you are doing an (seemingly real) internship in an (seemingly real) office. You sort files, brew coffee; next to you someone is typing, calculating, making phone calls … Everything is new to you, but you are doing your best to fit in. With a load of papers, you visit the copy machine. Isn’t it interesting, that this isn’t yet digitalised? Does anyone need all those copies? Someone is calling you, but you can’t see anybody. Somewhere deep inside of you, you hear this voice. Faint, but firm. “Don’t you know better than this?”

„Coup” is an interactive theatre game, where the audience takes part as active players and fictional interns in a somewhat strange daily office routine. In this performance, individuality meets conformity – and offers the possibility for once to rebel against the rules of the business.

Magic can be found between files and office plants. Even our performance space is a special and extraordinary one: The office of the government of Upper Austria becomes a stage for this fictional theatre game! Stories tell themselves as if they there’s a charm involved, all participants experience their own, individual two hours in this setting. The interns see the office world unencumbered and clearly – maybe they do not understand yet, why everything works the way it does. But that it could be better, that they may (and have to) believe.

With the productions Part of the Game Game and Spaze Maze Game, the Graz-based group „Das Planetenparty Prinzip“ already made a name for itself. In 2020, the “Planeten” were awarded a special prize of the board of ASSITEJ Austria. Putsch is part of Landestheater Linz “Jugend spielt …” (Youth plays …) series, where young people from 15 years of age and older are invited to a casting, to be part of a theatre production.

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