Expectation: First Snow

The palm of a hand with snow flakes falling onto it.

In the story Expectation: First Snow (Erwartung: Erster Schnee) by Austrian writer Sophie Reyer, Lea struggles to overcome the death of her mother, while Hasan is plagued by the memories of his families’ dangerous journey to Austria.

We want to use the mechanics of a live escape room game as tools of narration. In our project, an adult refugee helper/family therapist enters the room of either Lea or Hasan and finds that they have disappeared. The audience should be tempted to look through the room, learn the story of the character and find out, where he or she is.

If visits of audience members in small spaces will not be advisable in May 2021, we consider equipping an extra with a GoPro-camera and connect him or her to the audience via internet. This would also enable bigger groups to take part.

The Plan: to have ERWARTUNG: ERSTER SCHNEE (EXPECTATION: FIRST SNOW) being played in Linz as a story told with the means of an escape game in May 2021.

Our Stage Design students from kunstuni linz cannot meet at the moment, but the time is used by Susanne Schwab, the director, and Christine Härter, the dramaturg, to research game mechanics and story parts to convey the storyline. At the same time, a student at the FH Hardenberg started to recreate our stage rooms in mozilla hubs. We want to feature a digital tour through the theatre alongside the escape game, where visitors can explore the rooms for themselves online. We plan to combine both experiences – the tour and the game – into one package, to split large groups into small units.

Meanwhile, our “Netzbühne” (“webstage”) launched – a platform where we offer two of our productions as film versions, as schools cannot visit us at the moment.

Creative Team

Susanne Schwab | Director

Students of Stefan Brandtmayr’s Stage Design course at kunst universität linz | Stage Design

Christine Härter | Dramaturge

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