The Future

an interdisciplinary developed play by Annette Müller

The main idea of THE FUTURE is to develop a play that tries to refer to the current situation of mankind. Young people are facing a future that seems to be chaotic, dark, overwhelming and disturbing. Due to the corona virus we expand even more into digital worlds where we find no structures and ways to connect, but where we can also get lost and alienated. But what will the upcoming society be like? What are we connected to? How does our reality feel like? Are we lost to the world? Is the world lost to us? Have we ever been modern? Who can we trust? What can we hope for? Is the bubble we live in going to explode?

The Internet has great impact on our perception – we are influenced on many layers. We are deluged by DATA and information and we have to cope with it. The time is literary out of joint. Past, presence and future seem to take place at the same time. It’s hard to get a clear idea while there are so many pictures and sounds penetrating us. So many news and stories that have no context. We need context. And maybe we have just no words to express what is really going on.

The aim is to develop a collage of voice, body, sound and surrounding in order to depict the simultaneity of digital environment but also to explore the current situation and to ask for strategies to face the future with courage and joy?

Date of Premiere: 29th of April 2022

Creative Team

Director | Annette Müller

Equipment | Oliver Kostecka

Sound Artist | Michael Lohmann

Engineering, technique and programming | Roman Senkl and Nils Corte

Dramaturgy | Milena Noëmi Kowalski

Contact us
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10122 TallinnEstland

Mail address: Endla 3, 10122 Tallinn

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