The creation of new productions responding to “new storytelling with immersive technologies” is the aim of the different training offers and the improvement of our production processes. The productions are primarily addressed to a young audience (16 – 29 years), who live in the reality of a digitally immersive world. Today’s digital possibilities (as in social media and games) give the users the feeling of being active participants in social and cultural life. The aspect of participation has become crucial them as cultural consumers and also determines their expectations of new art.
The order of the productions is in three-stages, which follows our three project objectives. The productions have long development phases, so that the theatres can introduce their employees to the new challenges and integrate new impulses from the outside as much as possible into their work.
All 9 productions of a single project phase are international co-operations, from joint concept development to international production teams through to the common presentation and evaluation. The performances themselves are in the national language and become part of the repertoire.
The project is structured into three stages that are aligned with the three project objectives: Storytelling with Gaming Elements, Immersive Technologies, and Immersive Outreach.