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EPPUR SI MUOVE is a theatrical reflection about the ancestral and the anthropological roots of the relationship between a human being and a ball. Joining two different teams on stage – Teatro O Bando and Teatro Montemuro, with two actors on each side, and with a deep colaboration in all artistic areas (music, costumes, set design) – in EPPUR SI MUOVE we pretend to mix the well knows codes of the modern football with the historical research of portuguese writer Álvaro Magalhães. Published in 2004, the author’s The Natural History of Football is a multidisciplinary essay which delves into the most intimate aspects of the game to discover its essence, explore the motivations inherent to it and to explain its essential categories. Following the PLAY ON challenge, we pretend to develop an app and specific contents to captivate the audience to be an active “supporter” of this theatre game, following the results of the season of the show through videos and other types of media contents.

Creative Team

Miguel Jesus and João Neca | directors

Raul Atalaia | actor from O Bando

Juliana Pinho | actress from O Bando

Abel Duarte | actor from Teatro de Montemuro

Eduardo Correia | actor from Teatro de Montemuro

Contact us
VAT Teater MTÜ
National Library Theatre Hall
Tõnismägi 2 (location)
10122 TallinnEstland

Mail address: Endla 3, 10122 Tallinn

VAT No. EE 100 744 512
(+372) 6 450 959
(+372) 6 307 272
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